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Empowering Entrepreneurs. We do what we do so entrepreneurs and small business owners can deliver a terrific experience to their customers.
About Us
Established in 2007, Office Divvy provides businesses with a professional location, boutique call desk, virtual assistant support and small business consulting services.

Our Team delivers turnkey business operations to work-from-home professionals; corporations; individuals or companies that are starting up or downsizing; so our clients can concentrate on their core business objectives instantly.

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Both Office Divvy locations have terrific coffee! Visit us and tell us about your business. Whether it’s professional location, boutique call desk, virtual assistant support or consulting services, we’ll zero in on the services that best suit your current needs. Call us at 386-445-4153
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You are a professional who is on business track, you are curious, you love to think, and solve problems. Client Experience, Modern Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship are part of your every day interests. Then consider joining our team.

Office Divvy is co-founded and managed by Lisa Ekinci, Sim Taing, and Ky Ekinci. As professionals who understand and apply working remotely on a daily basis, our managing partners have built a true community for Startups, Small Business, and Entrepreneurs in Palm Coast and Flagler County.

Lisa Ekinci Co-founder

Lisa Ekinci

Having had a good run at building a Startup in her 20s, Lisa landed in the “dotcom boom” in New York City as a Lead on large design and tech engagements. Some of her clients have included IBM, Marvel, frog design, radicalmedia, GE, Chase, Kenneth Cole, Barnes & Noble, MTV, NBCU, Billboard, TIME, and JetBlue, just to name a few.

Bringing Fortune 500 best practices to the Startup market is a pleasure and strength for Lisa. The constant vantage point of big and small business has made Lisa a valuable asset to both markets. Mentoring the next generation is a joy for Lisa with Office Divvy’s own team, as well as the companies that invite her to conduct workshops and talks in other parts of the US.

Sim Taing Co-founder

Sim Taing

An Executive for Global Enterprise Software Companies, responsible for sales and professional services in the Eastern United States primarily within Industrial, Distribution, Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services, and Telecommunications verticals. Sim guides The Fortune 500 in selecting, via predictive analytics and years of business acumen, which problem to solve in a timeframe. His latest chapter is in joining a startup leading among the giants in this space of using data they generate and optimize business processes.

Husband and father to three amazing daughters, he decompresses through renovation projects and exercise. Sim has made business investments in Palm Coast, including investment properties and establishing area small businesses.

Kayhan (Ky) Ekinci Co-founder

Kayhan (Ky) Ekinci

With 20+ years in the Leisure Travel and Meetings & Incentives Industry, his start in Operations after college, to leaving his mark as executive leadership for the largest United Nations event in the World, Ky has had unique access to different people & business methods, around the globe. His ability to productize and market experiences, combined with an affinity for tech and finance, has led Ky to build his own business, Office Divvy, helping other entrepreneurs do the same.

Ky has a master’s degree in Management from Cambridge. He is a big twitterer, enjoys fine cigars, and blogging. He’s a believer in Palm Coast and Flagler County, an area that perfectly blends business, quality of life, and cost of living.

Jasmin Gutierrez Experience

Jasmin Gutierrez

Mark Woods Experience

Mark Woods

Simone Gonzalez Experience

Simone Gonzalez

Deborah Wotursky Experience

Deborah Wotursky

Charlie Wall Experience

Charlie Wall

Drea Evans Client Liaison

Drea Evans

Michael Schottey Business Development

Michael Schottey

Jim Taylor Business Catalyst

Jim Taylor

Monica Lao Special Projects

Monica Lao

Alex Kusy Data & Insights

Alex Kusy

Trenton Moore Digital

Trenton Moore

Kaitlin Taing Digital

Kaitlin Taing

Bailey Granam Digital

Bailey Granam

Kedron Abbott Digital

Kedron Abbott

Michelle Taing Digital

Michelle Taing

Rosie Jetson Digital

Rosie Jetson


Impress your clients at our West Pointe Plaza location on Palm Coast Parkway (the most populated area of Flagler County), with staffed, furnished, equipped and wired offices that you call your own! It can be your professional business location.

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