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Percolate your ideas. Prove your business concept. Don’t take on unnecessary overhead costs. Get plugged into a bustling, thriving community of entrepreneurs and business owners. Grow your business here!

Our clients include Startups, entrepreneurs, professionals, and owners of small and medium-size businesses spanning over 20 industries.

Free yourself from the headaches, limitations, overhead and costs that often times comes with operating a traditional office.

Rethink your approach: When you take advantage of our high-touch call desk, professional location services, classes, community and resources, you will find yourself right in the center of your own business’ sweet spot.

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Visit Us.  You’ll talk, we’ll listen.

We find the best way to learn about each other and understand if we are a good match to help grow your business is by having you over for a tour for a conversation and coffee.

If you’re not in the area, then let’s have a phone chat. Call us 386-445-4153

Members: Book Your Space

If you’ve received your username and password for our new calendar/space booking application, please log in to book your space now. If you’ve not received your credentials, or if you’re not an Office Divvy member, please call 386-445-4153

Our flexible office space offering is ideal for those who think differently. Do that. Think differently. Traditional models only increase your overhead and cause you to operate in a lonely, isolated environment. Consider one of our solutions instead:

Further, we offer one-stop solutions for Startups and Growing Businesses, beyond just a business location, mailing address and offices and conference rooms to use, we also offer the following and much more:

Next Upcoming Event

  • Fundamentals of SEO for Small Business | Palm Coast

    In this one-hour, hands-on class, you will learn the 7 important dimensions of SEO you must follow to increase the visibility of and traffic to your website, specifically for the purpose of finding new visitors to your site and converting them to customers, clients or having them take the action you desire them to take.

    Tuesday, September 8, 2020 @ 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm

Office Divvy – 10th Year!

Hundreds of thousands of dollars saved via our boutique call desk where over 275 companies to-date, with over 100,000 calls are answered annually. We’ve gladly spent over $100,000 dollars with members and proudly facilitated over 900 Business and Consumer Referrals.

Our mantra is infused into every aspect of our member experience. $325 million dollars in sales has been generated by the companies headquartered with us and the numbers continue to grow.

  • Over $325 million in Member Revenue
  • 275 Workshops, Classes and Panels
  • 24 Companies Graduated
  • Over $70,000 Contributed to Local Non-Profits
  • 4000 Attendees to our Entrepreneur Night Events
  • 30 Highschool Students in our Internship Program

Teaching small businesses how to use their social channels for both hyper-local and international reach has differentiated our business and our members.

  • 17,000 Twitter Followers
  • 260,000 Blog Post reads
  • 24,000 Facebook communities combined

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