Digital Team

A team that builds and manages your digital space

The reality is… maintaining a website, social media platforms, and email promotions might not be the core of your business, or your field of expertise. With the help of your digital team, you can turn your attention to the heart of your business while your team manages the digital work. 

Whether you have big ideas or no ideas for your digital experience, your team develops a digital program that aligns with your business priorities. Through a deep understanding of your business values, operations, and needs, your team is able to solve important digital problems and needs.

One team that helps you do it all

With the help of your digital team, there’s no need to hire a web developer, copywriter, UI designer, UX designer, video editor, or data analyst, and someone to manage it all (phew!). 

For your website, email marketing, or social media needs, we provide a managed team that already works well together and is operating with the same tools and technology to deliver their best work.

Your Digital Team follows Agile Practices that include sprint planning, managing a backlog, stand-ups, demos, and retros.

Digital Team plan includes

Digital Strategy

Digital Program Operations

Email Design, Implementation, and Metrics

Social Media Programs

Content Strategy

App Design and Development

Audience Development Programs

Transparent Management

The difference is in a MANAGED TEAM

There is no shortage of digitally savvy and talented people out there. There is no shortage of people who are masters of digital tools like photo and video editing software or social media scheduling tools. The difference is in a managed team that works well together and has a deeper understanding of the client needs from content generation, to design, to audience development and reporting. With Office Divvy’s digital team you will have just that!

Interested in having a digital team for your business?

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