CALL DESK: Is it difficult to get many numbers in different area codes?
No. Name the area codes and we'll secure those numbers.
CALL DESK: We are on the go and can answer some of our calls, but not all.
The sky's the limit in customizing phone programs. Able to answer an incoming call, do so. Unable to answer an incoming call, let our call desk take it.
CLASSES: Do members receive a discount for classes held by Office Divvy?
Yes. Members attend Office Divvy provided classes for Free. The benefit for signing up for our Meet-up is that you will be notified about classes as soon as they are posted.
LOCATION: Are dedicated offices available that would be for my use only?
Yes. We have multiple members who need a "their access only" office. These programs are not part of the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum "Ready-to-Use" programs outlined under membership. Please ask us to customize a proposal here.
LOCATION: Can I incorporate under this address?
Yes. If you are registering in Florida and our location is to become your professional location, you must of course first be a member, when you register your business with Helpful Note: The address you register becomes public record. If you use a non-commercial address, for example, even for the short term, please note that address will remain on file as an address of the business.
LOCATION: Can I receive mail at my new professional location?
Yes. Membership programs include mail and package services. Members are notified when they receive mail or a package.
LOCATION: I do not see the Office Divvy brand in the office?
There is no Office Divvy brand inside the office space. It is furnished in a clean and neutral manner. That means when you come in to do work alone, or meet with your clients, team members, or vendors, this is truly your office.
LOCATION: We are looking for a satellite office… Do you have a program for that?
Yes. We are perfect for companies seeking a satellite office. Find out more here.
LOCATION: What is included in Membership?
We have 4 membership programs for our professional location/ready to use services. Our location is staffed, wired, and serviced. We've outlined each membership plan here.
LOCATION: Which office is mine?
The good news is, that as a member, essentially all the offices are your office. Conference rooms, offices, hot desks, and the lounge at West Pointe Plaza are available for use.
LOCATION: Why not get my own office? There is so much available Real Estate.
You absolutely can. Our model for saving start-ups and mature businesses as much as 15,000 to 20,000 a year is compelling. Our members avoid all the hidden costs of having their own office, until they are ready.
WORK HERE: Are the internships at Office Divvy paid?
Yes, we offer paid internships. This is a terrific opportunity for those students who plan to choose career paths in business, management, technology or marketing. Follow this link to apply.
WORK HERE: Are there job opportunities at Office Divvy?
We are always looking for talented professionals to join our team. Openings and our job application is listed here