eCommerce Call Center Increases Sales!

If you own an eCommerce business you’re one of the lucky ones. Unlike brick and mortar shops, your business is always available – anytime, anywhere. You could be sleeping, and people are able to go online to buy your product.

ecommerce-phone-answeringYou must be concerned though: If you’re keeping an eye on your website analytics, you probably noticed that shopping cart abandonment and website bounce rates are increasing for most small to medium-sized eCommerce companies.  That is a problem.

There are few reasons why that is happening:

      1. It is very easy to get distracted while shopping online: With social media push notifications, ads, and a number of things people can get into, it’s not hard to veer away from the cart and onto a different webpage.

      2. First time visitors to your site cannot trust that you’re a legitimate operation: If you’re not a household brand name, the first time user doesn’t know if your website is legitimate or a scam.

      3. Increasing concern for credit card fraud: Credit card fraud is becoming more of a real threat, and some people aren’t willing to risk following through with an online transaction for that exact reason.

      4. Shopping carts overall are not “small screen and small keyboard” friendly: The experience of shopping on a small screen is not pleasurable. Most would rather call than go through the shopping-cart process on their phones.

We have the answer to cart-abandonment and high website bounce rates…

Did you know having a call desk with a published number on your website can increase your sales up to 30%?

Phone Answering for Startups

We eliminate the fear that is sometimes associated with online shopping in the best way possible. When callers dial your company, all their concerns will go away because you will have a professional team representing you on the phone, providing customer service, and taking and processing orders on the phone.

Case Study

Company Name: Facial Concepts
Product: FacialFlex®
Service: Call Desk for eCommerce | Customer Support and Inbound Sales


“Thank you for calling Facial Flex, this is Jasmin, how can I help you?”…on the other end of the phone is most times a customer with a deep connection to their Facial-Flex®.

Facial-Flex® is a FDA registered Class 1 medical device is helping people build oral-motor strength against disease, disorder, or trauma, and has become a proven face, chin and neck exercise device for age-defying beauty results.

Call-Desk-InsightsHaving a call-desk for what is otherwise an eCommerce company increases sales and customer satisfaction.

In this particular case about 30% of sales come through the Office Divvy’s Call Desk vis-a-vis actual online purchases.

More importantly, how the Office Divvy call desk operates and what they do with data and insights, positions Facial Concepts for what’s next -whether it is for new product editions, periphery products, customer experience, you name it.


Our eCommerce Call Center solution starts from $699/month with full time Call Desk during business hours, including customer service and inbound sales.

You may be looking for an eCommerce Call Center, but in fact we’re the anti-call-center…

We deliver a quality human experience to each and every call. Nobody enjoys being met with a scripted or robotic presence, and we recognize that. We are caller-experience experts, we raise the bar! Your callers will love your brand when they encounter our Call Desk team, guaranteed!

We’ve poised our call desk in a way that allows for us to operate as an extension of your team – taking precise measures to understand your vision, your goals, and the culture of your company – and above all, we focus on enhancing the customer experience. First impressions are important, especially on the phone!

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