You are a Plumber. You own your Plumbing company. Business is good, and you are rocking it! But you know what you need? You need our Phone Answering for Plumbers and Plumbing Companies! 🙂

Here’s why: Our solution and services will help you grow and scale your plumbing business because we provide a complete Call Desk, Estimate/Work Scheduling and Work-Flow solution! Not only all your calls will be answered all the time, but you will be able to create a great impression when your callers call your business. We will create a scheduling calendar, an estimates-work-flow-database and visualization of location requests on a map, all real time!

If you are answering your phones yourself our Call Desk solution may be the perfect match to your needs. We can offer a primary phone answering for your Plumbing Company, or simply offer a back up phone answering solution to answer your calls when you cannot answer them!

Even if you have some phone coverage in place (part time or full-time employees), it’s likely you cannot handle two to three simultaneous incoming calls, calls one-after-another, lunch coverage, a sick day, or vacation time should not cause your firm to leave a bad impression. But we’ve got you covered! All from $399/month.

We provide a terrific, affordable Phone Answering Service for Plumbing Companies plus added benefits such as appointment scheduling and real time work-flow database and map visualization.

A missed new prospect call may mean the caller is already dialing your competitor. Lifetime value of a new prospect turned into a client can be in the hundreds, even thousands of dollars. With our service, you will not ever miss a new prospect call because you’re tied up on the other line, or under a sink doing the work.  We can take that call that you’re unable to take, make a great first impression, and even book that new prospect on your calendar for an estimate which pops up on your smart-phone.

We answer your calls from Sunny Florida. Our team is located in Palm Coast, Florida, with all local, super professional and well-trained staff.  We’re experts in Caller Experience and we’ve got your back!

High-Touch Professional and Personalized Phone Answering by Office Divvy starts from as low as $399 / month.  Our program offers live professional phone answering during business hours, live call patching/routing, and more. Additional services include shared calendar appointment setting and CRM related actions.

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What is high-touch phone answering?
Inc. Magazine describes high-touch as “person-centric.” The intention is to deliver something human. It’s time to put an end to frustrating phone systems, “press 0 to speak to an operator,” busy tones, auto attendant (a fancy word for a non-human robot answering your phone and greeting your clients) when someone calls.

Instead, all calls are answered by our Call Desk team under the name of your plumbing company. Calls can be connected to you, or messaged to you with comprehensive information, or better yet appointments are booked on your calendar, and more –all done so with a human touch! The emphasis is on effectiveness, respect, and listening for ways to add greater value for the caller. For us, this is “high touch phone answering“.

Our solution is perfect for Plumbers and Plumbing Companies ranging from Solo-Owner-Operators to a small plumbing company. Our phone-answering solution operates on a business-class platform, and can scale as you grow.

Phone Answering Plans Include

Professional live answering during business hours

After-hours auto-attendant programming

Voicemail and fax to your selected email address

A scaleable, affordable, customizable, and professional "high-touch" call center

800, 888, 877 numbers and vanity numbers

Local numbers in most locations in the US

Your own extensions set to ring to any number

Sophisticated, flexible internal telephony architecture with call procedures and guidelines

Our phone answering services do not require an investment in infrastructure on your part. We answer your calls with your company name, follow your scripts, business rules and action-plan, we announce the caller to you or different members of your team, and patch calls seamlessly to cell phone, home phone, business phone etc. or simply take a message and relay it by email.


Get an Assistant

$399per month
  • One local number
  • Full-time live answering
  • Up to 2 employees
  • Up to 2 call destinations
  • After-hours business rules/auto-attendant
  • Voicemail by email
  • Up to 175 calls
  • Shared electronic
    fax line


Get a Team

$699per month
  • One local or one toll-free number
  • Full-time live answering
  • Up to 4 employees
  • Up to 3 call destinations
  • After-hours business rules/auto-attendant
  • Weekend Answering
  • Voicemail by email
  • Live Scheduling
  • 3rd Party Live Transactions (inbound sales)
  • Live Scheduling
  • Up to 375 calls
  • Shared electronic fax line


Get a Stakeholder

$1199per month
  • One local AND one toll-free number
  • Full-time live answering
  • Up to 8 employees
  • Up to 6 call destinations
  • After-hours business rules/auto-attendant
  • Weekend Answering
  • Voicemail by email
  • Live Scheduling
  • 3rd Party Live Transactions (inbound sales)
  • Team Rotation & Scheduling
  • 3rd Party CRM
  • Up to 775 calls
  • One dedicated electronic fax line
  • Outbound Calls within Scope

Benefits Include:Visualize Call Desk Map Data

  • Full time professional live answering
  • Connecting callers when appropriate
  • Gatekeeping (solicitors etc)
  • Email notification of all call details



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