You say FREE Coworking, we say JELLY!

“Jelly” is code forOfficeDivvy-COWORK-Get-Stuff-Done Free Coworking. Coworking is an opportunity to work alongside other technical, creative, professionals that choose to work in a collaborative setting. Office Divvy has been providing a free day of coworking each month, in Palm Coast since 2008.

Why does Office Divvy offer Free Coworking Jelly?

Office Divvy is a small business hub for professionals, entrepreneurs, and start-ups in Palm Coast, Flagler County and beyond. We have the space and infrastructure including high speed WiFi, where you can change your environment for a few hours and “get into your zone” (your work zone). One key benefit is of course the organic networking that takes place when you meet other professionals.

Who is a good match to attend Free “Coworking Jelly” at Office Divvy?

Most professionals, telecommuters, writers, designers, technology folks, and business-people are a great match for Coworking. Working independently in a community setting can cure the isolation problem that many “home office” workers and telecommuters face.

How can you participate in a Coworking Jelly?

Fill out theOfficeDivvy-COWORK-Agnes-Acounttime-LaptopOpen-QuickBooksPro-Trainer short application form below so we know you’ll be coming by.

Where does the Coworking Jelly takes place?

At Office Divvy Headquarters, of course!

We provide you a FREE Coworking Day Pass on the day of the Coworking Jelly (first Wednesday of every month).  It’s a $29 value –absolutely free!  COWORK by Office Divvy provides the space, chairs and sofas, high-speed wireless internet, and interesting people to talk to, collaborate with, and bounce ideas off of.