Welcome to YOUR Palm Coast Meeting Space

If you’re wondering where you can find a professional location to host your next meeting, our Palm Coast Meeting Space is the answer!  We have multiple meeting rooms, conference rooms, private offices, and even an event space for your larger meetings in our two locations in Palm Coast.

We make it our top priority to give you and your guests an extraordinary experience at your next meeting, conference, class, or function.


We tailor your experience to the size and purpose of your meeting. Whether your meeting consists of two people, or you’re expecting a party of 40 or more, we will ensure that your needs are met accordingly.

We offer two locations, both centrally located in Palm Coast!

Check out a few available options:

Meeting Room (capacity 5)

Conference Room (capacity 10)

Private Office (capacity 3)meeting-space

Conference Room (capacity 6) Event-Space-Palm-Coast-Florida -New-Black-Red-Conference-Room-Configuration (1)

Private Office

$59per hourmeet in an office to impress

    Conference Room

    $79per hourfor a one-off meeting up to 10 people


      $199per monthYour Office Monthly Membership

        Find out which Palm Coast Meeting Space would be best for you!

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