“Mask Required Space” Creative Brief

“Mask Required Space” Creative Brief

30+ high-school interns have worked at Office Divvy over our 12+ years.

Michelle started with us, took a break and then returned. We are fortunate to have her.

We can ask her to do a broad range of things from research, to design, social media, analytics, to wire frames, writing blog posts and much more. In this specific case, we provided a concise creative brief.

In these unusual and challenging times, we’ve learned that masks only work when everyone is wearing them. So we must inform that this is a mask-required space when we reopen on May 18th, 2020. A sign to communicate this rule is needed. This is a perfect task for Michelle!

Creative Brief: Know your audience: Who will encounter your sign? 3 Audiences: (1) deliveries {no need to come in. they interact with the lock box} (2) Pickups or drop-offs {no need to come in. They interact with the lock box} and (3) Members and their clients coming in the offices. Key Message: This is a Mask Required Space. Convey across multiple languages. Make sure people feel welcome. Front Desk Team is communicating warmth through the camera and microphone to our members and their guests, and delivery-folks at the door, wanting to access to the space.

Here is what Michelle came up with:

Office signage for reopening

All of our team know how to work collaboratively. Simone and Michelle worked together, while Lisa reviewed and provided feedback. We all continue to develop our skills in these ways. We know collaboration is king. We listen to feedback and revise.

This design became our “signature look” for COVID communication and signage. We used the design style established in this “Mask Required” signage – white text, handwriting, or illustration upon a blue background – throughout the remainder of our COVID “campaign.”

Delivery instructions signage

Drop-off box signage

Desk card signage

Signage in action

Michelle graduated from intern to team within her first year with us. We’d love to call her content creator, website developer, or assign her a discipline like infrastructure, information architecture, or analytics, but we won’t. She does not fit in any one role, which is the good news.

Michelle is keeping her mind and her possibilities open. She works closely with the founders, Ky and Lisa. She is able to come at things with a fresh perspective. This summer she will help us to look at what is happening to all of us. She will play a key role as we look at the ways in which our business will help other businesses face threats and seize opportunities.

Thanks Michelle for your work on this project and countless others where you can take just a little instruction and follow things through with compassion and thoughtfulness we have grown to rely on.

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