Chenzo Does Web So You Can Do You | Chenzo’s Lunch & Learn

Chenzo Does Web So You Can Do You | Chenzo’s Lunch & Learn


Sometimes it’s impossible to peel away from work. But Blogs, Podcasts, bumper stickers all say we should. If you could give an hour over to a class or workshop during the work day, what would it be?

At Office Divvy we provide classes and events for our members and for the small business and start up community. We do it for the money. 🙂 Wait, that’s a type-o. We do it for Love. Entrepreneur Love that is.

Chenzo presented our most recent class, in a lunch and learn format, titled, How to Get Your Website on the First Page of Google.

A group of interesting and varied entrepreneurs and small businesses joined for a spread of sandwiches and cookies. As always the attendees and hosts created a vivid and enthralling talk where everyone felt heard. Insights were shared and new friendships formed between the Office Divvy members and small businesses in the area.

Chenzo himself is a fascinating SEO expert with a wide range of advice from the basics, all the way to the complex side of website hosting and visibility.

What does SEO stand for? Search Engine Optimization.

His slogan is “I do web, so you can do you,” which matches his real, honest, caring personality. He chose to wear a simple branded t-shirt with shorts and flip flops and with that, plenty of charm. His presentation itself had no bells and whistles, just down to earth expert advice. With 20 years in the business he knows his stuff and particularly knows how to serve the clientele in the Palm Coast area.

With as much knowledge and insight as he has Chenzo isn’t your usual stuffy ‘online guru’. As a person his warm bubbly nature doesn’t fail to pull you in and make you feel a part of the bigger picture.

And he knows his clients and area well. He discussed Palm Coast how one would an old friend, referring to the hub as a ‘funky little town’. And it is, with stimulating people who build each other up and make connections that go above business alone.

The class itself broke down into seven, easy to digest, key topics that proved fascinating to discuss. These were:

– Topic matters (essentially which content to write)
– Length of the content matter
– Links you should place in the content matter
– Imagery to promote the content
– When you should post your content to social media
– How technology can help aid you and your business with SEO

The one stand-out take away from the lunch and learn is how important content creation is for landing your page up top on Google, against your competitors. Authentic and in-depth pieces of intellectual property are the new way to rank–not only on the top ten of the Google search page, but as an authority in your niche.


How we present ourselves online and in person is really important to Office Divvy as it should be to all small businesses and entrepreneurs. We’re just head over heels with our community of innovative minds. If you’re interested in the labor of love we put into our classes you can browse our upcoming classes at Office Divvy. We cover a wide array of topics and interests in the business arena and would love to help you be supported and grow.

Samantha Carter

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