Do you market like a Girl Scout?

Do you market like a Girl Scout?

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I’m not big for shopping. I’m not a WalMart fan.

But earlier this month I had to make a quick stop at Wal-Mart to buy some supplies for the office. And there they were, the Girl Scouts, right at the entrance of the store.

They greeted me warmly, and asked if I wanted to buy some cookies.

I’m not big for cookies. But I said “maybe when I come out.”

15 minutes later (yes I shop fast), as I’m walking out of the store with a cart full of stuff for the office, the Girl Scouts get me, luring me to their cookie-station… I remembered that my father-in-law, Pete, likes the legendary Girl-Scout Thin Mints, so I figured I’ll get him a box of those.

Guess what? The girls are out of Thin Mints. Actually they are out of most types of cookies. Only 10 or 12 boxes of cookies are left on their table, with a limited selection. But they don’t let me walk out. One of them, very friendly, very outgoing, asks, “Would you like a girlscout cheerleading show?” –and without really waiting for an answer she gathers her peers and they go on to display this show:

How can one not appreciate this?

I walked out with two boxes: Peanutbutter Patties and Shortbread Cookies.

So I ask you this: Do you market like a girl-scout?

Ky Ekinci

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