10 Reasons Why People Become Members at Office Divvy

10 Reasons Why People Become Members at Office Divvy

Much like Airbnb, and Uber, Office Divvy is a “share economy” model. Our monthly subscriptions are designed for people that want to pay only for what they use and be part of a real community of peers that embrace doing business differently.

A physical, commercial business location with private offices, meeting rooms, community spaces; a long list of amenities; a member experience team. All of this can become a part of “your offices” in Palm Coast.

There are literally dozens of reasons why you might consider an Office Divvy membership. Let’s start with the top 10 of those reasons:


#1: Surround yourself with people doing interesting things.

Our business cluster — part incubator, part accelerator, offers a positive environment for interesting people doing interesting things. This is your ticket to peers, ideas, and people who are getting it done. An Office Divvy membership means, you gain a professional location and a team, and more importantly it plugs you in to a true community of entrepreneurs and professionals. Let’s be honest, isolation in business is a problem. Don’t be alone. Be where the people are! Be where your peers and clients are.


#2. Open your office without the headaches.

The cost and added headaches of committing to and operating a business location can be a real barrier to starting up and scaling. Our programs make it easy to add a location, whether that is your business headquarters or a satellite office. We select the most suitable program for you and build in the flexibility to expand or contract to what best serves your business that month.


#3. Be found when people are searching. Google loves a “brick and mortar.”

It’s all about SEO baby! If one cannot find your website on Google, does it really even exist?

Amplify your Google rankings with an Office Divvy membership. Why? Because Google favors businesses with a physical, commercial business address.

Operating from a home-based business location comes with privacy and safety concerns because your information is public. Plus, google will ding that location. Operating from a PO Box or UPS Mail Box is equally frowned upon by Google. If your business relies on being found in Google’s search results, you need a commercial address that Google will love and favor.


#4. Work from your home-office. Meet clients at your office location.

The part of Florida we live in, typically offers spacious homes, most with a functional home office. Yes, you may have a great home office, but are you going to meet your clients there?  Are you going to incorporate in your home and make your home address public information?

Are you going to risk having your clients google map your “business address” and literally see your home in street-view or satellite view results?  No. You’re wiser than that. But you do not really need to take on overhead by privately renting an office in Palm Coast just to solve a basic presence problem.

When you become an Office Divvy member, you can draw the lines between independent work that can be done from home, and business location, office space for meetings. You become the designer of when you need to be “in the office” and when you don’t.


#5. Gain a team. A client experience team.

More than an address. You are gaining a team. A location that boasts 100% up time, 50 hours a week. You’ve got mail and packages, oh and your client dropped off a check without you having to preside over the transaction. You’re not going to believe how good this is. We notify you when you receive mail or a package.  You never run out of, well, anything—be it coffee, copier paper or creamer.


#6. Schedule meeting space when you need it.

Book your meeting space whenever you like. Our Office Sharing App was designed for our members so they can book, cancel, change an appointment,  any time. Plus you’ll have access to dashboards about your space use and use of other resources (such as drop offs, mail, witnessing, notary etc).


#7. Accept rocking introductions from your new fan club, your Office Divvy team.

Maybe it’s a member to member introduction, maybe a referral for an opportunity. The leadership team is looking and listening for ways to the most useful to our members. With an Office Divvy membership, you’re not just getting a place or list of benefits. You’re getting a group of people rooting for you, cheering for you and doing what they can to contribute to your success. When you surround yourself with people who want you to succeed, it is a game changer!


#8. Learn things to Propel your Growth

As soon as you become a business owner you discover an age old problem; when developing something new you run into a lot more questions than answers. Being resourceful, you have probably looked into a number of classes, coaching calls or seminar opportunities. By now you know coaching can cost an arm and a leg, and most events or courses these days go into the thousands. But not at Office Divvy. Become a member here and we’ll hook you up with all the knowledge you need to know to advance your business no matter what level you are at.


#9.Time is Money. We Have the Newest Fastest Internet.

We compete in a digital world–even if you are a brick and mortar business. It’s embarrassing to be in a meeting with someone wasting their time waiting on downloads. It’s even worse when you can’t take a client call over Skype/Hangouts because your internet is having a hiccup. Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to keep 10 tabs open at once, we know in business those situations happen more often than not.

Things like this can put a big question mark on your credibility when devices crash or don’t work. Gigabit Wifi at Office Divvy’s location is capable of delivering speeds up to 40 times faster than regular wifi. Look professional no matter what you do or where you are.


#10.Become an Overnight Success. Well, no such thing really, but…

It’s hard being the little guy against large corporations: you cannot often afford a full-time customer support team, the consultants, the equipment or the space. Office Divvy gives you all of this overnight without having to invest in a crazy amount of time and energy– or an arm and a leg for finances. The choices an entrepreneur makes early on in start-up and growth phases often determine the longevity of a business. Most start-ups lose the battle to overhead and to being unable to scale; this is where growth becomes a curse rather than an opportunity. Worse still, it’s usually why 4 out 5 of every start-up will fail within the first five years.

Do you want a chance against more established businesses so you have a shot at surviving for years to come? Yes, you can look and feel professional instantly, make a terrific first impression, serve your customers with a competent, full-time team, and save money simultaneously, by becoming a member at Office Divvy. That’s just good business sense.


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Kaitlin Taing

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