One key element in Marketing Effectiveness is…

One key element in Marketing Effectiveness is…

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One key element in marketing effectiveness is right timing –that is right timing for the target prospect to notice and/or consider your offer. The wisdom in repeating your ads/marketing messages is in that if you do it right, you’re increasing the chances of finding that right timing for your audience to notice/consider your offer.

Key reasons to repeat your message are:

  • Your audience tends to forget what they see and hear within two to three weeks.
  • The market constantly changes: New products, new competition, and new needs are constant.
  • Your brand and offers are more likely to be remembered when the timing is right for your audience (meaning they ARE ready to buy, rather than you are ready to sell). If you are seen frequently that helps.

But repeat your message without being repetitive!

Yes, doing it over and over again does help; however you must try to repeat your message without being repetitive. Hang on: “Repeat your message without being repetitive” sounds like an oxymoron; doesn’t it?

The idea is to create different versions of the marketing message so that you are conveying variations of your message. If your print ads, banner ads, website always look and feel the same, then the audience is likely to block the message.

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Ky Ekinci

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