This is why Twitter Direct Messages (DM) are a nuisance…

This is why Twitter Direct Messages (DM) are a nuisance…

This blog post previously appeared in the Old Office Divvy Blog

In an earlier blog post titled “3 Biggest Problems with Twitter are…” I wrote an open letter to twitter (coincidentally on their 2nd birthday):

Twitter, we know you are not perfect. You have your shortcomings. We all do. If you are picking some things to work on here’s number 2:

Direct Message: Auto Respond
We often times would have to disregard our DM box, as it was full of so many “Thanks for following – join us at 8am Monday through….” kind of nonsense. Plus the phishing, and hacked accounts through DM.

In the same blog post, I also discussed “Absentee Tweeting” as a big problem.

Now, look at this Twitter DM we received:


One picture says a thousand words. Do I need to say more?

This fellow is not only sending our @OfficeDivvy twitter account an unsolicited, unnecessary (and really useless) auto-DM, but he isn’t even able to automate it properly, with the %DISPLAYNAME% field still showing as a field.

Why inconveniencing others is still allowed on twitter? The current twitter DM-module enables and empowers that. If some folks don’t have common-sense or any courtesy; why do we not have a twitter-option to shot-down the DM module completely, or create filters to block certain DMs?

Well, I must admit I actually have a system. Do you know how I deal with unnecessary, auto, and spam DM? I unfollow the person immediately! We show zero tolerance for this kind of users, as such DMs show we’re not a match, and there is no need to sweat it…

Are you burdened by “DM” in similar or different ways? Please share your thoughts…

Ky Ekinci

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