25 “P”s of Social Media and New Media Marketing…

25 “P”s of Social Media and New Media Marketing…

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You probably heard about the 5 “P“s of Marketing:

  • Product: The products or services offered to your customers/clients.
  • Price: The pricing strategy for the desired profit margin.
  • Place: Distribution –getting your product/service to your target market.
  • Promotion: Communicating with your customers.
  • People: The value of your people and people at large (i.e. influencers)

25-P-s-of-Social-MediaNew Media the same list has been re-purposed for the social media channels such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, foursquare etc. etc. Some folks talk about the 3 P’s some talk about the 4 P’s…

But if you think about it, Social Media is different; with Web 2.0 it is no longer a monologue, it’s now a dialogue, so there really are more than just a handful P’s in Social Media and Social Media Marketing.

So let’s take it up a notch, shall we?.. Here is the 25 P’s of Social Media we can think of:

  • Provide: Something of value…
  • Petition: Demand innovation, make folks, platforms, messages better!
  • Productize: Yes, new word! Make your offer easy to understand!
  • Promote: Your product, service, business, events, news (don’t overdo).
  • Personalize: Let them see the “real” you.
  • Participate: Interact and engage (your audience)
  • Play: Take it easy, it’s not all strategy… 🙂
  • Pace: Take it easy, don’t over do it. Just don’t!
  • Protect: Protect your brand, industry, service, peers
  • Plan: Yes, plan –don’t just do it!
  • Propel: Initiate discussions, bring the best out in people.
  • Pamper: Recognize players, collaborate, give credit where credit is due.
  • Partake: Answer questions, participate in discussions/chats.
  • Peer: Do not underestimate players based on their followers, community
  • Penetrate: Cover all aspects
  • Patrol: Entire landspace –correct & clarify statements and behaviors
  • Perform: Do it! Just do it!
  • Persist: Don’t give up!
  • Predict: Think what’s next…
  • Pioneer: Don’t hold back, try different things (white hat rule though!)
  • Practice: Don’t be afraid, practice makes perfect; learnings await you!
  • Propose: Propose ideas, solicit business (humbly), ask for collaboration.
  • Punctuate: Don’t be afraid of repeating your point, though not bot-like.
  • Pursue: Follow up; be persistent to engage: to get answers, be heard.
  • Pay Attention: To influencers, trends, competition, customers.

Smiley-Facepay attention to the fact there are are more letters in the alphabet! Why is the letter “P” significant? The answer is, it is not! We just wanted to expand on the existing discussion on Social Media and on Marketing based on our own thoughts and learnings, that’s all… 🙂

..and you know what the biggest P is?

Be Positive!

Hey, speaking of ‘P‘s, can you think of more Ps?..

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Ky Ekinci

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